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Studio Interview, Live Footage

CyberTheatre exteriors and interiors of the band appearing on stage and starting the show. All the performance video and the outside shots are overdubbed with the studio version of Glitterball. Video from the Glitterball video is also cut-in. JK: What a buzz to be in Brussels, on the night, worldwide, new album, best we've ever done - I'd never tell you a lie. This is called Glitterball. Cuts to Jim in front of a projection of the new website. JK: We're here in Brussels to perform at The CyberTheatre and it ties in with the release of our up-and-coming new album. But, more presently, the launch of our band's website. JK: I think it's a fairly romantic record as well. And it was made on the move. It was made last year all through Europe. Of course, our base is in Scotland, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and we finally ended up in south of Italy - where we had to hand it over, near Naples. Hence the title of the album. JK: The Internet, and the website, all these things are energising. All the interation. And it's great for us to be encouraged. When you look around the world - I think last week there were 50,000 hits and such. These are people that are interested in finding out what you're doing. Not because they've they've got an advert telling them a single's coming - they're just into it. JK: When we look, tonight, on the website, probably they'll be some history, dates from the past. And we spent the first 20 years of our lives in Glasgow, the last 20 years have been on the move. Even when we're not touring with the band, we'll be on the move and I think it's that that's really reflected in the music, and that's where we are. I don't think we really belong to anywhere to be honest with you. JK: When a new album comes out, you're forced to put it in a context. The past becomes that much more examined. But we love what we do. And we love doing it. And I guess that's what it is - it's a passion.


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A single copy exists in the band's archive. It was probably intended for local news, press briefings and perhaps for the Neapolis EPK, but to my knowledge, it was never released.

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Clock and title card

Exterior of the CyberTheatre

Band on stage at the CyberTheatre

Jim being interviewed

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