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Brazil 1988

Information and tour dates coming soon.

"Curitiba next! The current trip to Brazil has had us reminiscing over those days back in January '88 when after much deliberation we accepted a promoter's offer to take part in two festivals that were set for Rio Di Janeiro and Sao Paulo respectively."

"As much a holiday as it was work, considering that we only did two shows within a week long stay, there is a similar comparison to the present were we have three performances during a ten day visit. That means that just as it was on our first trip, there has been plenty of time for relaxing and sightseeing also over these last days, most of it having been spent on a beach front hotel in Rio. I know, I know... it is a tough life!"

"Unlike the first time however, there has been no challenging the local media to football matches during our spare time. Well, that was 25 years ago after all, and perhaps it is true that we are not as energetic as we used to be. But neither would it be wise to risk broken limbs or invite any other injuries either, least not when when we have two months of touring in front of us. On the other hand though, most of the band do visit the gym each day, as well as doing some (slow) running not long after sunrise. That is definitely something that would never have happened back in '88 when sunrise more often meant that it might be time to go to bed. After a night of clubbing that is!"

"There is however no doubt that Brazil, just as it was back then, is a joy to perform in. The Sao Paulo show that we did a couple of nights ago, had an "electricity" about it, that all the most special gigs have. The net result has me already looking forward to the next time. Before that though, we have our third and last show, and this time it is a festival that is taking place in a city called Curitiba. Our first time in the city, and an audience of around 20,00 are expected. I am hoping that it all works out well, and if so there will a strong chance of coming back to appear in other festivals in Brazil. And while we are at it, why not Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, all next time?" - Jim, 10th October 2013

Praca Da Apoteose, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
7th January 1988
Main Set: Come A Long Way / King Is White And In The Crowd / Oh Jungleland / Big Sleep / Ghostdancing / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Promised You A Miracle / Alive And Kicking / Sanctify Yourself

Estadio Do Morumbi, Sao Paolo, Brazil
14th January 1988


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