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Written by: Kerr / Burchill

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Utopia was first mentioned by Jim in June 2012.

He played with the idea of debuting it at Vienna but it was not to be. "The new songs always take over me. "Utopia" - not even finished written yet but feels so powerful. I reckon we should play it when we turn up in Vienna in a few days. Who cares if it's not perfect - especially when it feels like it is?" - Jim, 19th June 2012

It was eventually recorded for Walk Between Worlds.

Definition : An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Utopia is also the title of one of the new songs that feature on Simple Minds' forthcoming album Walk Between Worlds. Rated highly by all involved in the making of our latest album, for a number of months Utopia was destined to become the album title. However a recent release from Bjork titled Utopia, and an inevitable throwback association with Todd Rundgren, one of which we could not shake, pushed us into reconsidering. That said and for the sake of being fully informed - the term/word which is based on a Greek formation - was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

Yet another great Charlie Burchill construct. His initial demo, presented a world that felt apart from one that I have ever known, except in dreams.

For the sake of setting the scene, if pushed, I’d say confidently that although symbolic of Simple Minds in the here and now. Utopia undeniably has roots that clearly reach deep into the territory of some of the more “shadowland” tracks that feature on the second side of New Gold Dream 81-82-83-84.

Failing that as a notion, I might also suggest that our Utopia would not be out of place stylistically on Roxy Music's classic Avalon. (Avalon itself being a sort of Utopia - according to Celtic myth - being an island paradise based in the western seas.)

Jim Kerr
6th December 2017

Initially the band were considering recording and releasing two separate albums simultaneously. The first album would've been named after this track. The second album was going to be called Nostalgia. This idea was eventually abandoned and the single album Walk Between Worlds was released instead.

The lyrics will be added when the album is released.

Album Version (4:14)
Produced by Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg and Simple Minds
Mixed by Gavin Goldberg
Assisted by Lewis Chapman

Walk Between Worlds LP Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe LP (Blue) Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe LP (Pink) Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Picture LP Walk Between Worlds CD Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe CD