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saturday girl

Words and music: Simple Minds

© 1989 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd

"Saturday Girl was recorded as part of the sessions for Street Fighting Years in 1988. Most of the album was recorded up at Loch Earn and the mood was very intense, almost of 'backs to the wall' atmosphere."

"This one never ended up on the album, probably because the feel of it is very different to the other songs. There's a kind of delicate, feminine touch to it and a sense of naivety to the whole thing."

"I don't remember there being a specific 'Saturday Girl' but I guess if I had anyone in mind at the time then it was probably my daughter. There isn't a narrative as such to the lyric, more a collection of hopes and fears for her future."

"For a song that ended up as a B-side it's one that is asked about again and again and is definintely a favourite." - Jim

It was the last song written and recorded during the Street Fighting Years, being completed the same weekend as Kick It In, whilst the band were working at Loch Earn between June and December 1988.

"It reminds me of our very first album. There's a great bass line in that song." - Jim Kerr - Street Fighting Years book.

"We had the chords for years. We've used them for The American and other songs. They're really our chords. I was just playing them on a piano, like it was a John Cale song or a Kraftwerk song. We decided to try and make a simple song out of it. It was done right after Kick It In, recored at the same day. Just one take and that was it." - Charlie Burchill - Street Fighting Years book.

"There's a brilliant bass line on it that only comes in halfway through. It was such a straightforward and easy thing. That was really encouraging about it. Obviously when you think about it you want to write the best piece of music you've ever written. But in fact the best ones are the easiest ones. That really confuses it for you, so you don't quite know if things are getting easier or harder." - Mick MacNeil - Street Fighting Years book.

Tape logs show the song was recorded in December 1988 before final mixing in February 1989.

And your love comes tumbling down,
And you walk right in, your heart going round.
You tell me that you'll be back early.
But you know I'll be a while.

Ooh Saturday Girl.
Ooh Saturday Girl.
When you drop by, I want to see you cry.
Ooh Saturday Girl.

When you go through the tunnel of life,
You're gonna open your eyes.
But you could cut the atmosphere with a knife around here,
'Cos you know there is no compromise.


When the moon lights up the street like diamonds,
And all is still and quiet once again,
I like to pull you here and whisper in your ear,
Tell you what about the loney man.

Ooh Saturday Girl.

Is somebody there?
I said is somebody there?
I can see you there.
I can feel you there.
I know that love is around.
I know that it's gonna be right.
I know that it's gonna be right.
If I could meet you over there.
I would come over there.
I know it's gonna be alright.


Just think about it.
Aah think about it.
Come on think about it.
Go on think about it.
Just think about it.
Go on think about it.
Ooh, come on think about it.

Single Version (6:09)
Produced by: Stephen Lipson and Trevor Horn
Engineers: Heff Moraes, Robin Hancock
Assistant Engineers: Danton Supple, Martin Plant

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