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superman v supersoul

Written by: Kerr / Burchill

© EMI Music Publishing: (1998 - 2007)
© JKMC-Bucks Music Group Ltd / Hornall Music: (2008 - 2014)
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© Universal Music Publishing Group (2019 - 2023)
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"People are finding God in different places. Some stare at the sky. Others walk the desert. A friend of mine recently put forward the notion that God has taken to stalking the floors of discotheques!"

"The scenario in the song: An individual, closing his eyes after staring long and hard at a beautiful painting of a scene from the "Bhagavad Gita" finds that he is transported body and soul into the painted image - which in fact becomes reality all around him. There suspended in time for what feels like a whole night he finds himself drowning in the sights and sounds of a wedding procession which is taking place in the most heavenly blue moonlit garden."

"All around him the most sensuous music drifts and he listens while watching the screams and laughter of the beautiful young brides who cannot contain themselves as they receive the flirting and teasing attention of an obvious boy prince, who must be no other than Lord Krishna... the sense of joy is palpable as peacocks mesmerize, and it's there and then our character decides that this can only be the one true paradise..."

"Suddenly it's gone, where to!, where from? The man is left staring out the window of his loft apartment at the shimmering lights of the cityscape; and the sprawling chaos of the streets below. He vows on the spot to completely change his way of life; and tears well as he shifts his eyes back to the small calendar painting, given to him free last years, on the street by a "devotee" and now hanging on his kitchen wall."


11th March 1998

Superman v Supersoul was originally demoed as Morrison's Grave. This title was used through the Neapolis sessions and it was even added to the final masters.

The song was played live during the short Neapolis Tour of 1998. It has since been forgotten.

see also:
Morrison's Grave (Demo)

Rhada come to it.
Brother slide through it.
Sister rise - don't you care?
Come on taste the mountain air.
Innocence comes to chance,
The mystery and spirit of romance.
Butterflies make you sigh,
And Kali-Yuga's miles away.
Procession gets in line,
With words of wedding day rhyme.
It'll make you cry,
Kali-Yuga's miles away.
And the young girl's eyes are miles away.
And the dust still lies miles away.

Rhada come to it,
Brother slide through it.
Sister rise - don't you care?
Come on taste the mountain air.
Innocence comes to chance,
Mistery, spirit of romance.
It'll make you cry.
Kali-Yuga's miles away.

And the dust will rise miles away.
The young girl's sigh miles away.
And the dust will rise miles away.

Don't let me down.
Don't let me down.

Blossoms cry to it.
Chariots take you there.
Climbing through mists like marble white stairs.
Milliseconds - take a glance.
Catch the mystery dance.
Never want to lose this chance,
Kali-Yuga's miles away.

And the dust still rise.
And the worlds will rise.

Superman v supersoul.
Always in control.
Superman v supersoul.
In control.

Album Version (4:47)
Produced by: Charlie Burchill and Pete Walsh
Engineeed by: Pete Walsh

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