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garden of hate

Composers: Kerr / Burchill
Authors: Kerr / Burchill

© EMI Music Publishing Limited: (1979 - 2007)
© JKMC-Bucks Music Group Ltd / Hornall Music: (2008 - 2014)
© BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd: (2015 -)

Realising they had no bonus material for the planned Chelsea Girl single, Simple Minds returned to The Townhouse during a brief lull in their 1979 tour to especially record a song.

Both Rosemary's Baby and Children Of The Game were left over from the album sessions, but the band decided not to complete them and recorded a new song instead.

Four takes of Garden Of Hate, an up-tempo track characterised by Mick harpsichord synthesisers and a bludgeoning guitar line from Charlie, were recorded on the 14th April 1979. The master for the Chelsea Girl single was created three days later.

It was briefly part of the set-list while the band were supporting Magazine but soon disappeared when they started their own tour. Oddly for a song with only B-side status, and already dropped from the live sets, they recorded a another version for a Piccadilly Radio session on the 7th June - the last known performance of the song.

Oh I only had enough of you,
Oh I did not ask for nothing else.
But you've gone and found a one-way out,
I stand here by myself.
Oh I see a man he's got a broken arm,
I don't know if I care.
Follow him into the garden of hate,
Everybody's going to be there.

It's been some time since I last saw you.
Can somebody here please tell me why?
So many things I just don't understand,
No matter how I try.
A girl I know got quite cut up one night,
I don't know if I care.
She was in my garden of hate,
So many others are there.

Garden of hate,
Ha Haha garden of hate,
Garden of hate,
Ha haha garden of hate.

Single Version (4:27)
Producer: John Leckie
Chelsea Girl 7" promotional single Chelsea Girl 7" single Chelsea Girl 7" Irish single Chelsea Girl 7" US promo single X5 Life In A Day Promo CD X5

Piccadilly Radio 261: 7th June 1979

live history
Life In A Day Tour: 1979