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a song from underneath the floorboards

Devoto / Adamson / Doyle / Formula / McGeoch

℗ EMI Virgin Music Limited / Domino Publishing Company Limited / Mute Song Limited (2009 - 2018)
℗ Domino Publishing Company Limited / Mute Song Limited (2019 - )

This song was recorded during the Graffiti Soul sessions.

"But has [Magazine's] music stood up to the test of time you may well ask? To which I would say that it has indeed, and then some, as is the case with all the greats, and make no doubt that the Manchester band belong in that category. Having recently recorded a version of their wonderful "A Song From Under The Floorboards", evidently some thirty years later we still feel very close to this group that was such an influence on the fledgling Simple Minds as we grappled around literally still in the dark, while playing support to them during our first nationwide tour back in April/May 79. And what a thrill I recall that being?" - Jim.

The song was exclusively played on Billy Sloan's show on the 12th April 2009.

I am angry, I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin.
My irritability keeps me alive and kicking.
I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit.
I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it.

This is a song from under the floorboards.
This is a song from where the wall is cracked.
My force of habit, I am an insect,
I have to confess I'm proud as hell of that fact.

I know the highest and the best,
I accord them all due respect.
But the brightest jewel inside of me,
Glows with pleasure at my own stupidity.

This is a song ...

I used to make phantoms I could later chase,
Images of all that could be desired.
Then I got tired of counting all of these blessings,
And then I just got tired.

This is a song ...

Album Version (4:37)
Produced by: Jez Coad and Simple Minds
Engineers: Arjen Mesinga, Simon Dawson
Assistant Engineer: Ben Cunningham
Mixed by: Jez Coad

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