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"Jamming simply meant to plug in and play together in a spontaneous/improvisational fashion. Countless songs from those early Minds albums were initiated in that fashion. We were good at it, everyone totally present, ready for inspiration to arrive as one musician would initially take the lead with a new idea, then circling round it endlessly while trying to find out where it could go next. The others would then at some point come chiming in one by one, offering real time ideas. Usually delicate at first (almost shyly) but soon forcefully. Essentially all were in the process of fleshing out the original idea. Complementing the mood with different layers of sounds and rhythms was always a crucial initiative. And as the evolving piece continued to take shape, it would become obvious to all in the room that a new song idea was being born right there at that moment. But not always of course. Many times "a jam" would go round and round, leading to nowhere exciting. But even at that, the jamming was a positive thing as the sheer exercise of doing so meant that the musicians could break sweat, and flex their playing muscles, while also working on their improvisational skills. Technology changed much of this, and I could not tell you the last time I heard any musician referring to jamming. Just does not happen in the circles I am in. Reason being is that almost all musicians have their own little recording studios. A laptop! On this, they usually programme up pretty solid, if not complete song ideas. Therefore no need to spend hours jamming, circling round and round like Whirling Dervishes..perhaps risking ending up nowhere! A pity really. Jamming, or at least great jamming, needed some very sharp skills. Patience and resolve being one. I think those skills have been lost on many as a result." - Jim, 28th June, 2017

Title: Johnny And The Self Abusers: 2 tracks
Line-up: Johnny And The Self Abusers
Recorded: July 1977
Description: The first Abusers demo tape, used as the source for the Saints And Sinners single.

Title: Simple Minds: 7 tracks
Line-up: Simple Minds #1
Recorded: November 1977
Description: The second, and last, of the Abusers original work, mostly all abandoned.
Title: Simple Minds: 6 tracks
Line-up: Simple Minds #5
Recorded: May 1978
Description: Best work to date for hawking around record companies.
Title: Simple Minds: 5 tracks
Line-up: Simple Minds #6
Recorded: December 1978
Description: Recording the last songs for the forthcoming album.

Title: Real To Real Cacophony
Line-up: Simple Minds #6
Recorded: -
Description: No demos were recorded for Real To Real Cacophony. The band had a collection of cassettes with ideas on them, and several songs had been played live, but nothing formal was ever prepared.
Title: Empires And Dance
Line-up: Simple Minds #6
Recorded: Early/Mid 1980
Description: John Leckie sat in the producer's chair and the band put together a group of demos which would form the foundation of Empires And Dance.
Title: Sons And Fascination Demos
Line-up: Simple Minds #8
Recorded: January 1981
Description: With Mick MacNeil producing, and free of Arista, the band formed the central core of Sons And Fascination whilst working in a flat in Edinburgh.
Title: Sons And Fascination Recording Sessions
Line-up: Simple Minds #8
Recorded: July 1981
Description: The takes, outtakes and jams for the Sons And Fascination album.

Title: Sparkle In The Rain: Old Chapel Leaked Jams
Line-up: Simple Minds #11
Recorded: January-February 1983
Description: First writing and recording session for Sparkle In The Rain.

Title: Sparkle In The Rain: Old Chapel Demos
Line-up: Simple Minds #11
Recorded: January-February 1983
Description: First writing and recording session for Sparkle In The Rain.