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speed your love to me single

Speed Your Love To Me
US 12" promo single
Dear Radio Friend,

We all pride ourselves in our ability to hear new exciting music and pass its delight on to an audience. Whether an audience of one or thousands, it's this touting of music, this communication that lies at the cornerstone of our business. A need to have you hear my "favourite new song" is elementary to all of us. It's in this spirit that we recommend to you Simple Minds.

Sparkle has sold over 100,000 copies in 2½ months. It's been #1 for six weeks in the CMJ/New Music Report, Gavin and Rockpool charts. Its international success has been monstrous. It has been reviewed wonderfully in many newspapers and Rock Journals. The Simple Minds Video Tour continues to fill clubs all over America, perfectly setting the stage of their headline dates beginning May 25, and their August/September major venue tour with The Pretenders.

Enclosed, please find an article from Rolling Stone which we feel aptly expresses the magic of Simple Minds. If you are one of the few who has found Simple Minds an exciting programming tool, thank you. If you are one of the many who have yet to discover them, please read this piece and spend time with Sparkle particularly the 12" of Speed Your Love To Me.

It's in the same spirit that we pursued The Police, Joe Jackson, and other new artists that we pursue Simple Minds. They are an important band. They will make a significant contribution to your playlist.

The Pep Boys

The rest of the press release includes their headline dates and photocopied reviews and articles from music publications.