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vince barker
keyboard/guitar tech, photographer
associated with band: 1982 -

Vince Barker

Vince Barker's connection with Simple Minds goes all the way back to our New Gold Dream touring days. You could call him a keyboard tech/programmer - but his value to our band transcends any generic term.

Many Simple Minds fans also know Vince as a photographer, and a splendid one at that. Generously, Vince has allowed Simple Minds through the years to publish his work on our various sites, we more than appreciate it.

From Vince's working position at the side of the stage, his shots are obviously unique. The positive aspect means that he captures angles that no one else gets. The negative? Well there is no negative - all bonus. But it means that he is tied to the same side stage position mostly. Don't forget that his main job is keyboard tech! In fact Vince only gets to take shots in those rare moments during a gig when he is not fully engaged with his main duty.

The greatest thing about Vince's pics is how often members of our audience get to feature. In many cases the front-of-stage fans are the stars of the pics. While we take the secondary role. How about that for a change? The best shots plainly, are those that capture the bond between band and fans.

Good news! Just today Vince has delivered a ton of images from various shows performed throughout these last weeks. We look forward to publishing many of them over the next months. We also feel sure that along with us, many of you will want to thank Vince for his efforts!

14th July 2018