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john giblin
bass | composer
associated with simple minds: 1985-1988

John Giblin John Giblin joined Simple Minds after the departure of Derek Forbes. The band were writing and rehearsing in his recording studio, Barwell Court, when Derek was asked to leave and so John was asked to step in to fill the void. (Although John only accepted the role after talking it through with Derek).

The internationally renowned double bassist and bass guitarist had already worked with many notable artists (Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon) and was first publically seen with Simple Minds for their Live Aid appearance.

After recording duties on Once Upon A Time, he accompanied the band on the subsequent world tour and was therefore featured on the live souvenir Live In The City Of Light.

He also joined the band for writing and recording sessions for Street Fighting Years with Let It All Come Down being his sole composition for the group. However he left the band after the recording of the album. The reasons for his departure have never been revealed.

"If you are a fan of Kate Bush, you will have already read the glowing tributes she received for her London concerts (August 2014). Did she merit them? Of course she did. It was a real pleasure to watch and listen to her unique talents live. One of the highlights for me however was to see former Minds bassist, John Giblin, on stage with her. I knew John played on her records, but I had no idea that he would be in the live band. Nice surprise then to see "a Mind" up there. John Giblin was always a class act, and he still is. One of the true great bassists. Bravo Kate. Bravo John." - Jim, 28th August 2014

discography: mainstream singles
Alive And Kicking Sanctify Yourself All The Things She Said Ghostdancing Promised You A Miracle Live single Ballad Of The Streets EP This Is Your Land Kick It In The Amsterdam EP

discography: mainstream albums
Once Upon A Time Live In The City Of Light Street Fighting Years

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live appearances
Live Aid 1985
Once Upon A Time Tour 1985
Cash For Kids 1987
Brazil 1988
Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute 1988
Artists Against Apartheid Rally 1988