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iain cook
composer | guitar | bass | keyboards
associated with simple minds: 2010-

Iain Cook
StereoGum: You worked with Iain Cook from Chvrches on some of these songs [Big Music]. I was wondering how you came to meet him and how you found the experience of working with him?

JK: It was a great experience. Exactly four years ago, it was a sad period for me because my mum was on the verge of passing away and I'd come back to Glasgow to be around during the last weeks. I was staying at the house with Mum and Dad. She actually said to me, "What are you doing sitting around, go and do some work." She just knew I wasn't being myself, obviously. I thought, "You know what, I'm probably freaking out just sitting and moping around, she's right." So Iain and I had a mutual friend [Martin Hanlin] and he said, "I'm gonna take you over to see [him]." Iíd just previously done a solo record and worked with various people, and I was thinking about maybe doing another one. He said, "There's this kid that itíd be good for you to work with." I said cool. Iain was only ten minutes away, and it was amazing because the neighborhood Iain lived in was only three houses away from where we started as a garage band, really, as Simple Minds. It was like coming back full circle, but in Iain's basement. I went in, and I had never met him but I could see from all the stuff he had on the walls that he was a real music guy. I said, "Look, letís do something." He said, "Well, I've been working on a couple of things. I listened to some of your earlier records and Iíve been working on a couple of things that might be of interest to you." And, indeed, one of the first things he played me became the melody for the track Honest Town." That was four years ago. They were just sort of putting together Chvrches, they hadn't even found Lauren Mayberry yet, I don't think. Chvrches were just starting out. But it's been amazing to see the success that they've had. Iain and I wrote probably about ten songs over a period of two weeks.

A member of the Glaswegian band, Chvrches, Iain Cook was originally going to contribute to the Return Of The LostBoy project; his co-written songs (Blood Diamonds and Honest Town) were released on Big Music.

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