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gordon goudie
singer | composer | guitar | bass
associated with simple minds: 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2016-

Gordon Goudie Gordon Goudie first appeared alongside Jim and Charlie in the newly rejuvinated Neon Lights-era Simple Minds. Playing a multitude of instruments, he shared musical and vocal duties with the founding members.

His input to Neon Lights and Cry was so fundamental that he was featured in the Dancing Barefoot video and graced the front cover of Cry.

Gordon Goudie first appeared as a late edition to the Scottish outfit The Primevals, where he played bass. He's also worked with Echo And The Bunnymen as their rhythm guitarist (and so has played Bring On The Dancing Horses with the Bunnymen for real).

And whenever Simple Minds were in Scotland, he's was hand to help out as musician or producer: he produced the Billy Sloan sessions for Cry, the exclusive tracks for Live And Rare, and composed and played on tracks for Black And White 050505 and Graffiti Soul.

He was instrumental with the Acoustic album, rearranging many old Minds' classics, and playing on the record. And, for the first time, he became part of the band's touring lineup.

"It was more than fifteen years ago, however it was Gordy Goudie'srearrangement of Cry (we retitled it Cry Again) that started to convince us that maybe Simple Minds could and should work on some more acoustic based arrangements for a future project. Fast forward to early last year, to when we finally decided to record our Acoustic album. It made sense to reconnect with Gordy, (who had previously written and produced for Simple Minds) and set him the challenge of helping to rearrange some of the earlier iconic Minds tunes. The result is the versions of Glittering Prize, Speed Your Love To Me and Richard Hawley's haunting Long Black Train, all of which feature on Acoustic. Many who appreciate the acoustic project will agree that the aforementioned tracks are among the standouts, and for that we are grateful to Gordy's talent. We are also excited at the prospect of a few other Minds classics that Gordy and Charlie are currently working on for the upcoming Acoustic tour. It's going to be good. Really good!" - Jim, 2nd March 2017

"It's all about the chemistry. Looking in from the outside, it is natural for anyone to think that the most important thing in putting a band together is how it all sounds once you start playing together. That certainly makes sense, particularly so if you are putting a band together for a one-off event, where in that case it is probably the only real consideration.

"However, when you are putting together a group pf people to work together extensively, to the point where they are almost living together as they go about their endeavours day-in day-out, week after week, month after month, and possibly even year after year as we ourselves do with Simple Minds. In that case an even bigger priority emerges, one that has all to do with the chemistry of the individuals involved, including how good they feel about each other's company and how much they respect each other as professionals.

"When the chemistry is good, an unstoppable creative force seemingly emerges, bringing out the best in each other. When the chemistry goes off, or becomes less than good? Regardless of who's fault, who to blame, blah de blah. It is simply time for change to occur. Sometimes the change happens naturally. Sometimes changes have to be forced through.

"We were already 20 years into our career when we came across Gordy Goudie. Had we met Gordy when we were initially forming Simple Minds back in '77, I'm quite certain we would have asked him to join us. Then again he is a wee bit younger than us, and was probably still at school?

"In the last two decades, Gordy has worked with us on the fringe of various projects. He has been producer, mixer, writer, multi instrumentalist and backing vocalist to Simple Minds throughout all of that time, and we always hoped that one day he would join us on stage.

"That of course came to pass when we fully engaged Gordy in the live Simple Minds line-up for our acoustic tour last year, continuing now as we tour throughout the rest of this year. And we do love having Gordy around. He brings a calm presence to all. As a musician his considerable talent and good taste brings firepower in areas we were previously lacking. His intelligent opinions are always valuable whenever we find ourselves in a bit of a muddle. Bravo Gordy!" - Jim, 20th June 2018

"Now about to perform on his fourth tour with Simple Minds, Gordy Goudie has been involved in various roles with Simple Minds for much longer than many people know."

"It was twenty years ago that Gordy joined me for a couple of weeks in Taormina, Sicily, to work on some new ideas. Although nothing specific was planned, some of those ideas became the basis of our Cry album. Gordy in turn became co-producer of that release, and our relationship has continued ever since."

"With talent to burn on guitars/keys/programmer/harmonica and more, Gordy also knows how to harmonise perfectly. His standout songwriting skills also featured on some of our albums. Further to all of that. In moments of frustration when things are not working out the way you hoped they would, we can depend on "gentle Gordy" to bring a calmness to the tension in the room. All of which makes me think that Gordy's main talent is as a creative facilitator. And if you are wondering what that means in our case? "A facilitator is someone who helps to bring about an outcome by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, and supervision." With all that being so, its kind of obvious why we love having Gordy Goudie - a real good guy - travelling around with us!" - Jim, 26th February 2018

CO: Gordy, when did you start playing music?
GG: I remember when I was a kid, a little kid, and my mum had on the radio in the kitchen. And I heard the first chord of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. And I always remember the sound of it. And I remember saying to my mother "Was is that mum?" And she was "That's a guitar." So that's the thing that turned me on - that point on I was always aware of music. And I tuned into it.
GG: My uncle was a violin player. We had a violin in the house. So my dad sent me to my uncle - Uncle Danny - who lived at the back of the race course. He always had a bet on. And he only listened to Frank Sinartra - and checked the horse racing results. And it was my first experience - and I kind of learned to play the violin. The guitar - I dunno - 14 I think. I had a band with my brother, my little brother, we were a punk band because it was the heady days of punk rock.

GG: My first ever gig? It would've been The Stranglers to tell you the truth. At the Apollo. And there was a guy with a dead rat around his neck - I remember that.
GG: The first record I bought was David Bowie Aladdin Sane - that was the first album. I liked T Rex. It was glam rock at that point. When it came to making music, obviously the punk thing was happening, and that was my time. Then, after that, I played with Echo And The Bunnymen for 14 years.

GG: Actually, one of the first gigs I probably did see was Simple Minds when I was in a place I was growing up called Ayr. It was a place called The Pavillion. Jim was always a great front man - he had the eye liner and the bowl haircut and he looked mysterious - and you were quite scared of him a little bit. It was theatrical - it was a theatrical thing but they had a great sound. The band were great. They had a great grove and they were modern. They were cutting edge - they were trying to do something. They were the future - if you like - not doing the same old rehashes of rock songs or whatever. They sounded futuristic and I liked that. As all music has to move on - progress.

GG: I met Jim and Charlie about 20 years ago - I'm not good with dates and years - and it was a studio called The Farm which is just outside of Glasgow. And I met Jim and Charlie there. And we embarked on recording some music together. Music's like drugs without taking the drug, because music can do that thing, it can take my head into that space.

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