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catherine ad
singer | keyboards
associated with simple minds: 2014-2018

Catherine AD Catherine AD joined Simple Minds for the Big Music Tour 2015. She also appeared in the Honest Town video and in the Big Music artwork.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your history?
A: I'm from Welsh stock, ex ballerina, book nerd and flautist. I grew up playing in orchestras before coming over to the dark side of guitars and eyeliner... Iíve released a few EPs as Catherine AD and am now performing under the name The Anchoress. I also have a PhD in literature and queer theory and published a book earlier this year. Occasionally I sleep!

Q: How did you first meet the band?
A: I met Jim while working on The Dark Flowers project with Paul Statham and company, which I wrote a couple of songs for (as well as a duet with Jim that's yet to see the light of day.)

Q: What attracted you to the project?
A: It's an amazing opportunity to play with a phenomenal live band and see some amazing cities and venues. I started off playing in orchestras and trained as a ballet dancer so Iím a huge fan of theatricality and bombast.

Q: How will you be involved in the 2015 tour?
A: To be revealed! But I think the press release says "additional keys and guitar." I'm looking forward to seeing how things evolve in rehearsals this winter.

Q: Were you aware of Simple Minds previously?
A: One of my favourite bands is the Manic Street Preachers, who are of course huge Simple Minds fans. I also grew up listening to Radio 2 in my Mumís car so the big hits were the soundtrack to my childhood.

Q: What do you think of the band and their career?
A: Their success and creative evolution is incomparable. Theyíve been a huge influence on so many of my favourite bands. The creativity across their career is just astounding to someone like me who is delving deeper into the back catalogue for the first time.

Q: Whatís next for you personally in your own career?
A: I have a new EP out in November - the "One For Sorrow EP", under my musical moniker The Anchoress. The lead single is currently up for the public vote to get onto the BBC 6 Music playlist, if you can spare a moment then click here to vote. Iíve also been working on my debut album "Confessions of a Romance Novelist," co-producing with Mansun's Paul Draper. It will be out at some point next year!

She left Simple Minds during the Walk Between Worlds tour.

discography: mainstream albums
Big Music (artwork only) Live Big Music Tour 2015 Walk Between Worlds

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