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alan mcneil
musician: guitar
associated with band: april 1977 - november 1977

Alan McNeil in 1978 Very little is known about Alan McNeil - as the third guitar player in Johnny And The Self Abusers, he was already adding to an overfilled position. But as a friend of John Milarky's, his inclusion was natural, and allowed John Milarky to play sax and/or Charlie to play violin.

He also added to the general chaos of that summertime of madness in Glasgow. In August 1977, the Abusers were sharing a flat, and a drunken McNeil, waking in the night and urgently needing a piss, relieved himself in the bell of Milarky's brand new saxophone.

He left the first line up of Simple Minds at the same time as John Milarky.

"Both Charlie Burchill and I were saddened to hear about the recent passing of our former school friend and ex-band mate Allan McNeil. It may have been very many years since I last met Allan, however the memories of him both as a classmate - and as one of the original Johnny And The Self Abusers - remain absolutely vivid. It is possible that it was Allan who initially encouraged us to join him and his friends in what was to become the infamous Glasgow punk group. In doing so he without doubt set us on a path that six months later led to the formation of Simple Minds. For that alone we owe Allan much for his involvement in our still on going career. As for Allan, among other things he went on to have some prominence within the Scottish music scene - particularly in discovering and managing the classy and successful Hue And Cry. Today however our thoughts are less about ourselves and much more about Allan and the friends and family that he leaves behind." - Jim, 24th September 2016

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