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Simple Minds will start recording their debut album early next year.

As preparation for the new album, the band have returned to Cava Studios to demo further material. Whether all these songs will end up on the album is unsure - they have plenty of songs to chose from.

The band will be playing throughout the Christmas break - check out the tour dates for more information.

Duncan Barnwell has been asked to leave the band - it seems that two guitars just aren't needed anymore.

Simple Minds will be signing a two-album deal with Zoom Records, managed by Bruce Findlay. Bruce has been raving about the band since seeing them in August, has been driving them to gigs, and offering advice.

Zoom is strictly a singles label, but Simple Minds are too good for that. So, a special deal has been arranged with Arista who will be marketing and distributing the records.

The press release is here, and an earlier Simple Minds biography has also been published.

The band have been written up in the NME by Ian Cranna.

Brian Hogg has written a rave review of the band in Cripes fanzine.
The band will be playing Edinburgh tonight supporting Generation X.

Jim and David Henderson will be taking the opportunity to visit Bruce Findlay and ask his advice on how to take the band further.

The first Simple Minds bootleg has appeared - a rather trashy recording of their gig at the Mars Bar.

However, it's a great representation of their set-list, as they seem to write new songs every week - for example, this tape features great versions of the new songs Take Me To The Angels, Caught In A Dream and You Better Watch Out.

The band have just finished recording their new demo tape at Cava Studios in Glasgow.

The intention is to send copies of these songs around all the major labels to attempt to get a record deal.

All the live favourites are there, which includes Act Of Love, Chelsea Girl and Pleasantly Disturbed.

All was not well however, as someone stole Derek's guitar - however, as he's only got his bass left, he's asked to stay on in the band.

For reasons unknown, Tony Donald has left the group.

Luckily (for Simple Minds), The Subhumans have just split up - so they've borrowed bass player Derek Forbes for a set of demos they're thinking of recording in the next couple of days.

Simple Minds are now six members strong, having finally tracked down a keyboard player. Mick MacNeil will be adding the much needed synths to their live and studio work.

The band now have a Sunday night residency at the Mars Bar, but have starting gigging further and further afield as their reputation grows.

Their newspaper advertisment for a keyboard player (see the news of 1977) was answered - albeit by another guitarist. But, Duncan Barnwell has been welcomed into the band.

This new line-up of the band will be appearing live supporting Steel Pulse at Satellite City on the 17th January. See the tour page for more information.