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Cripes was the in-store fanzine of Bruce’s, a black and white photocopied inky which was free to all punters, stacked high on the shelves.

Written by Bruce Findlay and Brian Hogg, the fanzine pulled together news of the current live scene, news, round-up of gigs and records available via mail order.

It was in issue #70 that Brian Hogg wrote his groundbreaking review of Simple Minds, which persuaded Bruce Findlay to go and see them. And Simple Minds also made the cover of issue #78 (pictured), with the fanzine listing their December gigs and mentioning their signing to Zoom.

Cripes disappeared after Bruce sold up his interest in Bruce’s to concentrate on managing both Simple Minds and Schoolhouse Management.

Issue 8: Review (20th August 1977)
"Wednesday night was unfortunately not as well attended as the previous two nights. I think after Chelsea and The Rezillos, people were too exausted and just a little short of money to roll up in the same numbers as Monday and Tuesday.However Johnny And The Self Abusers came on about 12.30 am to a very small, unenthusiastic audience. This band I feel, are potentially on a par with The Jolt, The Rezillos and The Valves, and with a little streamiling, (and more rehearsals with the Vinylettes) their reutation will just grow and grow."

Issue 108: Havers
"Julie Hooker, A&R co-ordinator and best friend of the stars, celebrated her birthday last week at Rockfield. Rockfield must surely be one of the most attractive locations for a recording studio in Britain, set amongst rolling hills in the south of Wales. Simple Minds are there just now, putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming album on Zoom - Real To Real Cacophony. Was down visiting the lads myself last week and apart from hearing 13 amazing new songs, courtesy of Simple Minds, I also had some white creamy, sticky stuff thrown over me by Jim Kerr and got thrashed at ping-pong by a jolly James Williamson, who is also at Rockfield recording the new Iggy Pop album." - Bruce.

Issue 110: Havers
"John Leckie is doing an excellent job on the new Simple Minds album, and if all goes well, as it appears to be, the album should coincide with their British Tour in November. Quite a few dates have already been confirmed, and it looks as if it will be their most extensive tour to date." - Bruce.