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celebrate - live at the sse hydro glasgow: information

  • "On 27th November 2013 Simple Minds played a very special concert and filmed it at the brand new award winning venue the SSE Hydro Glasgow, the first concert to be filmed there. This digipak package features a 93 minute DVD of the concert, two CDs containing the audio, and a booklet with a selection of beautiful photos of the occasion."

  • In July 2014, Edsel released a mainstream commerical version of Celebrate - Live At The SSE Hydro Glasgow which had previously been released as a limited edition package by the band.

  • Edsel also simulataneously released a Blu-Ray package of the concert.

  • The live concert was packaged as two audio CDs and one DVD in a digipak with a separate colour booklet.

  • The package featured the "day" version of the artwork.

  • The 16 page booklet featured selected pictures and credits only - there were no band quotes or other information.

  • The concert was edited as Once Upon A Time, Hunter And The Hunted, This Fear Of Gods, Let It All Come Down and Speed Your Love To Me weren't included on the DVD and audio CDs. There were no extras included either.

  • The grey sticker on the front stated: "2XCD + DVD Edition. Features a 93 edit of the concert on DVD and two CDs. Plus 16 page booklet."

  • This edited version of the concert was also issued as limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day 2015.

celebrate dvd: quick reference
CD #1 The Concert Part One Edsel EDSG 8045
1-1. 30 Years Live Intro(2:51)
1-1. Waterfront[Live](5:10)
1-2. Broken Glass Park[Live](5:28)
1-3. I Travel[Live](4:56)
1-4. All The Things She Said[Live](4:11)
1-5. Promised You A Miracle[Live](2:49)
1-6. Glittering Prize[Live](2:44)
1-7. Theme For Great Cities[Live](4:28)
1-8. Mandela Day[Live](6:55)

CD #2 The Concert Part Two Edsel EDSG 8045
2-1. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)[Live](6:37)
2-2. The American[Live](4:58)
2-3. Love Song[Live](4:34)
2-4. See The Lights[Live](5:14)
2-5. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Live](8:05)
2-6. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live](5:07)
2-7. Big Music[Live](4:14)
2-8. Sanctify Yourself[Live](5:03)
2-9. Alive And Kicking[Live](6:04)

DVD DVD: The Concert Edsel EDSG 8045
3-1. Theme For Great Cities(1:08)
3-1. 30 Years Live Intro(0:57)
3-2. Waterfront[Live](5:10)
3-3. Broken Glass Park[Live](5:28)
3-4. I Travel[Live](4:56)
3-5. All The Things She Said[Live](4:11)
3-6. Promised You A Miracle[Live](2:49)
3-7. Glittering Prize[Live](2:44)
3-8. Theme For Great Cities[Live](4:28)
3-9. Mandela Day[Live](6:55)
3-10. Someone Somewhere In Summertime[Live](6:37)
3-11. The American[Live](4:58)
3-12. Love Song[Live](4:34)
3-13. See The Lights[Live](5:14)
3-14. Don't You (Forget About Me)[Live](8:05)
3-15. New Gold Dream[Live](5:07)
3-16. Big Music[Live](4:14)
3-17. Sanctify Yourself[Live](5:04)
3-18. Alive And Kicking[Live](6:04)
3-18. Theme For Great Cities(1:25)

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