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themes - volume three: september 85 - june 87: information

Theme 11: Alive And Kicking

[released September 85 - this disc is based on the limited edition 12" VS81713]

Both standard and limited edition editions of this 12", which reached 7 in the charts, included an instrumental mix of the main track, but the VS81713 version also included a live recording of Up On The Catwalk from one of the series of appearances at the recently revamped, once notorious Barrowlands Glasgow, January 85. Alive And Kicking would appear on the next album release; Once Upon A Time [released October 85 - Virgin CD - CDV 2364]. It almost goes without saying that this was a UK number 1.

Theme 12: Sanctify Yourself

[released January 86 as SM112]

Highest chart position - 10, an extended version and dub of the album track were accompanied only in a 7" double pack release - SMP 1, by two bonus live tracks. Love Song and Lou Reed's Street Hassle are included on the disc, therefore, although not strictly included on the 12". Both were recorded live at the Ahoy Club Rotterdam 3.12.85.

Theme 13: All The Things She Said

[released April 86 as VS86012]

An extended version of the title track, this disc also includes two tracks from the 12" which are not available elsewhere; US Remix - Promised You A Miracle and a live version of Don't You (Forget About Me) originating from the same source as the live tracks on theme 12. The sleeve carried a clear declaration of support for Amnesty International. Another top ten single in the UK at 9.

Theme 14: Ghostdancing

[released November 86 as VS90712]

Highest chart position; 13. In 12" and instrumental form, alongside Jungleland given similar treatment. The artwork carried a more indepth dedication to Amnesty, regarding the organisation's contribution to global human rights. This reflected the band's increasingly vehement stance on the freedom of the individual which would permeate through much of their subsequent work, both live and studio.

Theme 15: Promised You A Miracle Live

[released released June 87 as SM212]

For a live single, this put up an astonishing chart performance, peaking at 19. Taken from the lavishly-packaged live double album Live In The City Of Light [Virgin CD - CDSM 1] which again gave the band a UK number 1 and released the same month, the 12" was packed with collectable tracks. Although Book Of Brilliant Things is also on the album, Glittering Prize and an interesting live reference back to the earliest albums in Celebrate were exclusive to the 12" release and again offer alternative CD-firsts for the collector. It would be nearly two years wait for the appearance of the next studio album Street Fighting Years, which would provide a whole range of new 12" material for the fans ... the story continues in the next volume of themes - Vol 4.. Watch out for the final installment (for the time being) in your local record shop within the next two weeks.

(Remember - the final box will contain a special limited edition theme 20 containing extracts from the live video Verona - this will not be available outside the box release.)

Jim Kerr - vocals / Charlie Burchill - guitars / Michael MacNeil - piano and synthesisers
Mel Gaynor - drums and vocals / John Giblin - bass guitars

Virgin SMTCD 3

Limited edition digipak box set containing five picture CDs with sleeve notes.

release date
October 1990.

additional information
Themes Volume Three was the first time many of Simple Minds rarer mixes and live tracks were made available for the first time on CD.

Unfortunately the artwork of the box is easily scuffed and marked and mint copies may now be difficult to find. However, the Themes Volumes remain extremely popular and often reach high prices when offered for sale.

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