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themes - volume two: august 82 - april 85: information

Theme 6: Glittering Prize

[released August 82 as VS51112]

Vol 1 / theme 5 left the discography at the release of Promised You A Miracle. This single would appear on the next album New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) [Virgin CD - CDV 2230] released in Spetember 82 and consolidating the band's position as UK album chart regulars, reaching 3. The key tracks from theme 6 and theme 7 also originate from this album, but Glittering Prize is featured in two alternative mixes; in addition to the extended club mix, there is an instrumental 'theme' version. Again, this single release made the UK top 20, rising to 16. As a bonus to the original 12" offering, theme 6 also includes the 'German 12" Mix' of the track New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) which has never been released in the UK on any format. It appeared as the flip-side to the German reissue of I Travel and appearead as a release in its own right in Italy. Remixed by Pete Walsh, who also produced the album, this is another CD first.

Theme 7: Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)

[released November 82 as VS51112]

As the third single from the New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84), this reached 36. It featured a BBC Radio session track taken from the David Jensen show; King Is White And In The Crowd. Soundtrack For Every Heaven was another 12" only track, although it did make a brief appearance on a Virgin compilation cassette, Methods Of Dance Volume 2.

Theme 8: Waterfront

[released November 83 as VS63612]

Reaching 13 in the charts, this was the first taster of the next album Sparkle In The Rain [Virgin CD - CDV 2300 released February 84 and the first number 1 in the UK album chart]. It has become one of their all-time live favourites. The B-side referred back to the previous album, with a live rendition of Hunter And The Hunted - recorded at the City Hall Newcastle 20.11.82. This disc is rounded off with an extra slice of the Sparkle album; 'C' Moon Cry Like A Baby.

Theme 9: Speed Your Love To Me

[released January 84 as VS64912]

This extended mix of the album track reached 20 and was backed with the 7" version of the same song. Also included on the 12", Bass Line, a bonus track which never appeared elsewere, is committed to the first time to CD.

Theme 10: Up On The Catwalk

[released April 85 as VS66112]

[released April 85 as VS74912]

Theme 10 featured two key 12" mixes combined on one disc. Don't You (Forget About Me) was a massive international hit; it reached 7 in the UK singles chart. Penned by Keith Forsey and Steve Chiff for the 'brat-pack' film The Breakfast Club, Simple Minds' involvement in the project was set up by their US record company. Its immediate success in the States took the band by surprise and a release in Europe followed on the back of a flood of imports. Up On The Catwalk [Extended Version] - the third single from Sparkle In The Rain reaching 27. This is accompanied by the version of A Brass Band In African Chimes which featured on the Catwalk 12". The next volume of themes covers the hits from the international hit album Once Upon A Time - watch out for themes - Vol 3 which wil appear in the shops in the next two weeks.

Jim Kerr - vocals / Charlie Burchill - guitars and effects / Derek Forbes - bass / Michael MacNeil - keyboards and effects
Drums - Mike Ogletree / Mel Gaynor / Kenny Hyslop
Guest vocals - Kirsty MacColl on Speed Your Love To Me

Virgin SMTCD 2

Limited edition digipak box set containing five picture CDs with sleeve notes.

release date
September 1990.

additional information
Themes Volume Two was the first time many of Simple Minds rarer mixes and live tracks were made available for the first time on CD.

Unfortunately the artwork of the box is easily scuffed and marked and mint copies may now be difficult to find. However, the Themes Volumes remain extremely popular and often reach high prices when offered for sale.

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