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The following documents were prepared by Virgin as the Themes were being finalised.

Most of the contents of these first four documents eventually ended up as liner notes for the individual CD releases (although the information about Theme 20 wasn't included in the CD artwork.)

Further plans for the release of the Themes can be found at the end of the fourth page: the sets were due to be issued after the band's German tour and a limited edition T-shirt was proposed for fans who'd collected all four boxes.

Most interesting is the inclusion of Come A Long Way as a bonus track on Theme 12: Sanctify Yourself. I suspect the original plan was to include the LP track as bonus filler with the two tracks from the 12" of Sanctify Yourself; luckily sense prevailed and the two tracks from the live double pack were used instead.

The next set of documents eventually became the liner notes for the box sets and have been marked as approved.

Many thanks to Ben Barclay for the scans above.

The following scans were taken from a four page Virgin Order Form distributed around Denmark in early 1991. It seems to be part of a Virgin campaign from the 5th April through to the 6th May 1991, suggesting the individual Themes CDs were released slap-bang in the middle of the Real Life promotion. (This is backed up by the use of Real Life logos).

Many thanks to Thomas Larsen for the scans above.