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simple minds live volume one: information

  • During the Black And White tour, a series of Internet only releases were made available through which grouped live songs, exclusive interviews and interview footage into a series of five live bundles. Extremely popular, the bundles represented the first release of a Simple Minds gig in its entirety (i.e. Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium, 16th February).

  • The bundles were quietly withdrawn from sale later in 2006. This upset many fans, especially those who’d not downloaded the bundles when they were initially offered.

  • In April 2007, the official site launched a new download centre, and offered the five bundles for sale again as an initial package. As extra promotion, the band also arranged to release two exclusive free live CDs through the UK paper The Sunday Express.

  • This first CD Simple Minds Live Volume One appeared on April 15th. Many fans expected the CD to feature the live recordings already released through the bundles, but were pleasantly surprised to discover the songs were from a variety of sources, recorded during the 2006 tour. Unfortunately the packaging didn’t state the sources (although Let There Be Love was from the T On The Fringe gig (28th Aug 2006)).

  • Three bonus tracks were added to the CD. These ambient, ten minute pieces were credited to Austin Stuart Hanlin. It isn’t known if they’re considered by Simple Minds, or are separate releases by a solo artist.

  • The CD was housed in a gatefold card sleeve with space for the second CD (which was released a week later).

  • Unfortunately the paper and pressing plant managed to confuse the order of the releases. Therefore Jim’s review was for tracks which would appear on the next week’s CD.

  • As the CD was offered free through a Sunday Paper, and not for resale, all the copies are marked as promos.

live volume one: quick reference
CD   Sunday Express NN-10344
1.   Alive And Kicking[Live]   (4:56)
2.New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)[Live](3:54)
3.Mandela Day[Live](6:52)
4.Up On The Catwalk[Live](4:37)
5.Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Live](4:12)
6.Let There Be Love[Live](4:38)
8.A Life Shot In Black And White[Live](3:35)
9.Move On One Minute Departure(10:33)
10.Waves Of Glass(10:58)
11.Moroccan Pipes(11:40)

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