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Members of the band have occasionally appeared at official signing events. These have all been held at record shops. They normally sign commercial pressings, but ocassionally special limited editions are made for the event.

Live In The City Of Light
Release Date: May 1987
Highest Chart Position: 1
Producer: Bruce Lampcov
Limited Edition LP (Virgin SMDL 1)

Jim, Charlie and Mick visited a number of record shops and signed copies of the album as promotion during its release. Most of the exact dates are currently unknown except for Newcastle on the 2nd June 1987.

Graffiti Soul
Release Date: May 25th 2009
Highest Chart Position: 10
Producer: Jez Coad and Simple Minds
Limited Edition HMV Slip Case (Universal 2703208)

Specially designed slip-sleeves were designed for the album signing session at HMV in Glasgow on the 25th May 2009. These were boldly signed by Jim, Charlie and Eddie. The sleeves featured the album's logo and the date, and were designed to fit over the standard CD case.

Theme For Great Cities
Release Date: 21st April 2012
Highest Chart Position: -
Limited Edition 12" (Virgin SMRSD 1)

Simple Minds' first Record Store Day release was promoted by an appearance by Jim and Charlie at Sister Ray Records on the 21st April 2012. They personally signed 100 records.

Walk Between Worlds
Release Date: February 2018
Highest Chart Position: 4
Producer: Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg and Simple Minds
LP (BMG 4050538347289)

Standard version of the album signed by Jim and Charlie at HMV in Glasgow on the 2nd February 2018. Extra copies were signed and placed back in the shop racks with "Signed By The Artist" stickers.