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real life: disky reissue cd

1. Real Life(4:53)
2. See The Lights(4:22)
3. Let There Be Love(4:57)
4. Woman(4:40)
5. Stand By Love(4:04)
6. Let The Children Speak(4:17)
7. African Skies(4:52)
8. Ghostrider(3:22)
9/10. Banging On The Door(1:16)/(4.24)
11. Travelling Man(3:35)
12. Rivers Of Ice(3:30)
13. When Two Worlds Collide(4:01)

Disky VI 882362
EMI UDEN:VI 882362 @ 2 2-1-12-NL IFPI L047

CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet.

release date

Guitars & Keyboards Charlie Burchill
Vocal Jim Kerr
Drums Mel Gaynor
Bass Malcolm Foster
Percussion Andy Duncan
Keyboards Peter John Vettese
Backing Vocals Carol Kenyon and Sonia Morgan-Jones
Orchestral Arrangements Will Malone
String Leader Gavin Wright
Bass and Keyboards Stephen Lipson
Violin Lisa Germano
Shaft Guitar on African Skies Alfred Bos

Producer Stephen Lipson
Engineer and Midi Manager Heff Moraes
Mixing Assistant Giles Cowley
A&M Assistant Efren Herrera
Orchstral Engineer Gary Thomas
Technical Master Dougie Cowan
Equipment Tony Donald
Food Ying Ho Au-Yeung
Logistics Paul Kerr
A&R Coordinator Jane Ventom

Thanks to Ken Berry, Arnold Stiefel, Randy Phillips, Lorne Saifer, Simon Draper, Jon Webster, Willie Richardson, Jane Ventom, Debbie Clancy, Ashley Frobes, Steve Lewis, Al Cafaro, David Anderley, Mark Mazzetti, Jimmy Iovine, Susie Tallman, Jordan Harris, Steve Ralbowski, George Thorn, Sandra Dods, Jimmy Devlin, Chrissie Hynde, Judy Lipson, Sylvia & Lou Reed, Andy Stinson, Peter Lopez, Luis Jardim, Juilian Mendelsohn, Andy Richards, CJ Mackintosh, Ian Flooks, Elly Smith, Catherine McRae.

Recorded at Bonny Wee Studio 1&2, Wisseloord Studio 7, A&M Studio D, Maison Rogue Studio 1, Cava Studio 2, Townhouse Studio 1.
Mixed at Olympic Studios 2&3.

Made In Scotland.

Design and Art Direction Stylorouge
Photography Simon Fowler

Marketed and distributed by Disky Communications Europe B.V., Verkengde Lageweg 19, 1628 PM Hoorn, The Netherlands
Re-cover design: Artidee, Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands.

additional information
This reissue by Disky could do little to change the artwork of the Virgin release. The booklet was reproduced faithfully as were the graphics on the CD. The only real differences were the use of a transparent CD tray and spine which carried the album artwork and title respectively.

A large number were produced so copies are still easy to find.