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let there be love: information

  • The first signs of new activity from Simple Minds was from the music press in February/March 1991 when the new single Let There Be Love was announced. It was accompanied by full-sized press adverts, window stickers and shop mobiles which stressed the point that Simple Minds was back for the new decade.

  • Let There Be Love was premiered by national radio in February, confirmed that the post-MacNeil Simple Minds had not lost any vital musical elements. The song was a slick continuation of the sounds from Street Fighting Years, complete with celtic-sounding melodic pipes, but with modern drums and rhythms, care of the musical box-of-tricks supplied by producer Steve Lipson. (Trills and synth swoops came courtesy of ZTT's magic box, borrowed from Slave To The Rhythm).

  • Some copies of the 7" were sent out as promos. These can be identified by compliment stickers on the back of the sleeve (as shown above by the green sticker in the top right corner).

let there be love: quick reference
7"   Let There Be Love Virgin VS 1332
A1. Let There Be Love[7" Mix](4:44)
B1. Good Night(3:09)

MC   Let There Be Love Virgin VSC 1332
1-1. Let There Be Love[7" Mix](4:44)
1-2. Good Night(3:09)

12"   Let There Be Love Virgin VST 1332
A1. Let There Be Love[Extended Mix](8:15)
A2. Good Night(3:09)
B1. Let There Be Love[7" Mix](4:44)
B2. Alive And Kicking[Live Edit](3:50)

CD   Let There Be Love Virgin VSCDT 1332
1. Let There Be Love[7" Mix](4:44)
2. Good Night(3:09)
3. Let There Be Love[Extended Mix](8:15)
4. Alive And Kicking[Live Edit](3:50)

CD   Let There Be Love Virgin VSCDX 1332
1. Let There Be Love[Edited Album Mix]   (4:23)
2. Let There Be Love[Extended Mix](8:15)
3. East At Easter[Live](6:11)

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