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rejuvenation 2001-2014: lp box set (labels)


Large hard slip-sleeve picture cover which contains five 180g vinyl albums.

release date
December 2018

Project coordination: Val Jennings
Slipcase design: Stuart Crouch Creative
Cover illustration: Anthony Dry

additional information
The slipcase included a brief essay by Jim, album pictures and track-listings on the back.

A red sticker was also added to the shrinkwrap:

neon lights: lp (label)

A1. Gloria(3:45)
A2. The Man Who Sold The World(4:07)
A3. Homosapien(4:20)
A4. Dancing Barefoot(3:48)
A5. Neon Lights(4:16)
A6. Hello, I Love You(3:32)
B1. Bring On The Dancing Horses(5:51)
B2. The Needle And The Damage Done(4:15)
B3. For Your Pleasure(4:08)
B4. All Tomorrow's Parties(3:33)
B5. Being Boiled(3:50)
B6. Love Will Tear Us Apart(4:49)

Demon Records DEMREC350
181193E1/A // 181193E2/B

Limited edition 180g transparent LP with colour labels, with colour inner sleeve in a full colour picture sleeve.

release date
December 2018

Produced by: Simple Minds and Gordon Goudie
Mixed and Engineered by: Kevin Burleigh
Except: Gloria produced by Phunk Investigation with D. Tignino and E. Pat Legato
Mastered by: Simon Heyworth

Jim Kerr: Vocals
Charlie Burchill: Guitar / Keyboards / Bass / Programmed Rhythms and song arrangements
Gordon Goudie: Guitar / Keyboards / Bass & Drums / Vocals / Programmed Rhythms and song arrangements
Additional Vocals by: Dee Miller and Kevin Burleigh

Design: Fabrique, Delft, Holland [Aarts, van Erp, Fabels, Kooijman]
Band Photography: Martin Hunter
Concept Consultants: Ged Malone, Martin Hanlin and William Haighton for GMW Entertainment Ltd

Info: Simple Minds, 26a Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PY
Recorded in Glasgow, Dublin and Taormina, Sicily

Neon Lights is a Mindmoods production

Thanks: Sandra Dods, Gordon Smith, Andy Stinson, Antonio Chemi

Worldwide Representation: Ian Grenfell at Quietus Management Ltd assisted by Elaine Gwyther.

additional information
The artwork was based on the original CD. As the booklet was minimal, then it was possible to reproduce its entire contents as the inner sleeve of the LP.

All the spelling mistakes and formatting errors in the CD booklet were corrected.

cry: lp (label)

A1. Cry(3:55)
A2. Spaceface(3:53)
A3. New Sunshine Morning(3:36)
A4. One Step Closer(6:06)
A5. Face In The Sun(3:57)
A6. Disconnected(3:37)
B1. Lazy Lately(4:02)
B2. Sugar(3:13)
B3. Sleeping Girl(4:11)
B4. Cry Again(3:35)
B5. Slave Nation(3:01)
B6. The Floating World(4:23)

Demon Records DEMREC351
181192E1/A // 181192E2/B

Limited edition 180g yellow LP with colour labels, with colour inner sleeve in a full colour picture sleeve.

release date
December 2018

Produced by: Simple Minds and Gordon Goudie
Produced and arranged by: Jim Kerr assisted by Gordy Goudie
Lazy Lately and Sugar produced by Charlie Burchill
One Step Closer played and produced by Planet Funk
Engineered by Kevin Burleigh
Mixed by Ren Swan
Mastering: Simon Heyworth
Album artwork by 2fluid_creative
Photography: Martin Hunter / Toorkwaz Design / Mick Hutson
Project consultants: GMW Entertainment Limited
Co-ordination: Sandra Dods and Gordon Smith
Legals: Andy Stinson

vocals - Jim Kerr
electric guitars and basses - Charlie Burchill, Gordy Goudie
keyboards, drums, effects and programming - Gordy Goudie, Charlie Burchill, E Pat Lego and Dino Maggiorana
additional guitar on Face In The Sun - Mark Kerr
additional vocals - Mark Kerr, D Tignino and Gordy Goudie

Recorded at the Loft in Glasgow & Taormina, Sicily, Italy.

Thanks and inspiration: Antonio Chemi and Marielle Bellinvia, Ged, Martin, William, Gordy, Mark, Kev and John McLaughlin, Sean Kelly, Kevin Hunter, Vince Clarke, Jaq Doherty and all@2fluid, Yumi Suga, Stefano Silvestre, Sergio and Planet Funk, Giovanni and Mimma Chemi, Ines Stephan, Michaela Pollok

Technical Support - digidesign and emagic.

Special Thanks - Daniele, Emiliano, Dino and Nello

Worldwide Representation: Ian Grenfell at Quietus Management Ltd assisted by Elaine Gwyther.

additional information
The original extensive booklet also included images and artwork taken from the Scotland Rocks For Kosovo concert and Neon Lights, so was quite a mixture. It was decided to simplify the artwork for the inner sleeve, just concentrating on the artwork motifs of Cry and including two large pictures of Jim and Charlie.

The back cover of the sleeve was based on the back of the booklet, not the back of the CD. Again, it was simplier and scaled up to LP size better than the CD design.

There was a discussion about reversing the picture on the front of the LP. (This is because the original still, taken from the Dancing Barefoot video, was reversed.) In the end, it was decided to leave it how it was.

black and white 050505: lp (label)

A1.    Stay Visible(5.17)
A2.    Home(4.22)
A3.    Stranger(4.07)
A4.    Different World [TAORMINA.ME](4.36)
A5.    Underneath The Ice(4.44)
B1.    The Jeweller (Part Two)(4.17)
B2.    A Life Shot In Black And White(3.34)
B3.    Kiss The Ground(4.04)
B4.    Dolphins(6.13)
B5.    Too Much Television(4.19)

Demon Records DEMREC352
181193E3/A // 181193E3/B

Limited edition 180g white LP with colour labels, with colour inner sleeve in a full colour picture sleeve.

release date
December 2018

Jim Kerr - Vocals
Charlie Burchill - Guitars/Keyboards
Mel Gaynor - Drums And Percussion
Eddie Duffy - Bass Guitars, Percussion

Andy Gillespie - Keyboards
Jez Coad - Additional Guitars And Keyboards.
Backing vocals on Stranger - Danile Tignino and John Biancale

Produced by Jez Coad and Simple Minds
Recorded at Wisseloord Studios, Hiversum, Holland
Engineered by Argen Mensinga and Miciel Hoogenboezem
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Mixthis Studios, Los Angeles.
Assisted by Brandon Duncan
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Pre-production in Taormina, Sicily by Daniele Tignino and Ottavio Leo
Pre-production in Glasgow, Scotland by Kevin Burleigh, Gordon Goudie and Andy Gillespie
Album consultants Marlin Hanlin and Ged Malone @ GMW Entertainment Ltd
A&R John Williams
Administration Sandra Dods and Gordon Smith
Legals Andy Stinton
Stefano Sylvestri @ Absolutely Records - Thanks always for your enthusiasm and creative input!

Love to all Burchills and Kerrs including Chas and Chay "The Boys" - for being the boys. Thanks to Win Ho Hong, Yasmin and James [Arsenal my ass, there is only one team and you know it!], Yumie Suga - The No. 1 Japanese Celtic FC Supporter, Marco and Patrizia in Garda, Bob and Betty Clearmountain - you are just the best! Hello to all our friends in Taormina, Sicily where we owe thanks to so many, but especially to Giovanni Chemi and all the staff at La Botte Ristorante, your kindess overwhelms! Equal thanks to Salvatore Moschella and his team at Hotel Villa Angela. Above all, enormous gratitude to Antonio Chemi firstly for bringing us to Taormina and also for his love of all the music of Simple Minds. All at Ludwig Drum Company and Rene Rocher, all at Fentex including Marcel and Edwin and all at UFIP Cymbals. Martin and Alex at Behringer And Promark Sticks. Everyone at Soundcontrol.

Design by Fabrique, Delft, NL. Art direction and design: Chris Van Diemen and Jeroen Van Erp. Photography: Chantal Wouters and Chris Van Diemen. Band photography: Arjan Van Den Berg. Thanks to: Frank Van Leeuwen, Peter Aarts, Gertrude Lok, Army Museum Delft, Serpo Delft.

Worldwide Representation: Ian Grenfell at Quietus Management Ltd assisted by Elaine Gwyther.

additional information
The artwork was based on the original CD. The original fold-out booklet was reproduced as the inner sleeve of the LP.

graffiti soul: lp (label)

A1. Moscow Underground(5:01)
A2. Rockets(4:36)
A3. Stars Will Lead The Way(3:26)
A4. Light Travels(4:12)
A5. Kiss And Fly(5:01)
B1. Graffiti Soul(4:48)
B2. Blood Type O(3:49)
B3. This Is It(4:55)
B4. Shadows And Light (bonus)(2:56)
B5. Rockin' In The Free World (bonus) by Neil Young(4:17)

Demon Records DEMREC353
181193E4/A // 181193E4/B

Limited edition 180g red LP with colour labels, with colour inner sleeve in a full colour picture sleeve.

release date
December 2018

Producers: Jez Coad and Simple Minds
Engineers: Arjen Mesinga, Simon Dawson, Mark Bishop
Assistant Engineer: Ben Cunningham
Recorded at: Rockfield Studios, with additions from: The Honey Factory, LOFI Studios, The Engine Room.
Additional Pre-Production: Gordy Goudie, Andy Gillespie, Kevin Burleigh
Mixed by: Bob Clearmountain assised by Brandon Duncan at Mix This except Blood Type O and Shadows And Light mixed by Jez Coad at Rockfield Studios.
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig

Design: Joe Blake, Chris Gallagher & Ryan MacDonald - Curious
(Thanks for the inspiration Gilbert & George)
Photography: Mark Seager - 30 Years Live shots), Hilko Nackaerts (Rockfield Studio shots), Sven Hoogerhuis (Night Of The Proms shots)

Album Consultants: Martin Hanlin & Ged Malone
Administration: Sandra Dods & Gordon Smith
A&R: John Williams
Legals: Andy Stinson
Live Agent: John Giddings Solo Agency
Web: Kit Cummings Simple Minds online

Special thanks to Irene and Jimmy and to all the Kerrs.
To Sandra Dods and Gordon for running the ship. To Martin and Ged for propelling, as well as to Jez, Kit, John Giddings and Peter Noble for all their drive. To Hilko and Yumie for the help in Wales. To Stephen Pollard for making us shine and our road crew for making us sound so good! Where would we be without you?

Thanks above all to all the Simple Minds fans who have supported us throughout the years and who travel far and wide to see us play live, including Jimmy Sola, Zevakina, Big Johhny and Big Paul, Tomoni, Marco, Clynt, Stephen, Andrew and Alessia. Finally thanks to Dee for making me laugh and sometimes swear. How lucky we are to have all of you on our side!

Love and thanks to Chaz and Chey, Wing Hong Ho, Hilko Nackaerts, Jez Coad, Martin Hanlin, Gordy, Andy, Ed, Mel, Arjen, Simon and all the gang at Rockfield.

Hilko Custom Built "Little She Devil" and Hilko Custom Built "HC"
Matchless DC 30 amps
TC electronic G-system
Lehie Switch Pedals
Dunlop Strings & Pics

Big love to Melissa, Melia and Krystyna you girls are my foundation.
Thanks to Sibi & Stefan.
Also Philippe Kohlerman / TW Steel and a big thank you to Ulli Frost

Taye Drums, Antolian Cymbals and Promark Drumsticks.

My wife Amanda Duffy, Kenya & Maddie, John Duffy & all at Lofi Studios, Glasgow.

Fender Precision Basses
Hilko Custom Built "Big Duff" bass
Matchless & Ampeg Amplifiers
Dunlop Pedals, Strings and Pics

Tore Mogensen and Roy Kuypers at TC Electronic Denmark
Burkhard Georg at Lehie Germany
Erjan van der Laan at Dunlop
Leslie Townsend at Loud Technologies
Phil Jamison at Matchless Amplifiers USA
Billy Siegle at Fender USA
Tauna Tuokkola at TV Jones pickups USA
Hilko Nackaerts at 'Hilko Custom Built Guitars'

Niki Sanderson and Stuart Kenning at Non Stop PR
Joe Bennett at Lucid PR
Sarah Thompson at Charm Factory
Neil Adams at Neil Adams PR
Doug Wright and Lisa Faichney at L D Communications
Sarah Sherlock at Solo Agency

Universal Music Group:
Brian Rose, Brian Berg, Shanon Hardwick, Charlotte Gaffkin, Karyn Hughes, Tony Dunne, Cynthia Lole

Hassan Choudhury, Lee Ellen Newman, David Hazle, Sam Benamins, Dirk Baur, Patrick Busschots, Nobert Plantinga, Graziano Ostuni, Oliver Nusse

Worldwide Representation: Ian Grenfell at Quietus Management Ltd assisted by Elaine Gwyther.

additional information
The artwork was based on the original LP. The original gatefold design was changed to a single sleeve as Searching For The Lost Boys wasn't included.

The lyrics for Shadows And Light were included on the inner sleeve for the first time.

big music: double lp (label)

A1. Blindfolded(5:22)
A2. Midnight Walking(3:53)
A3. Honest Town(4:44)
B1. Big Music(4:12)
B2. Human(3:41)
B3. Blood Diamonds(4:20)
C1. Let The Day Begin(5:08)
C2. Concrete And Cherry Blossom                                 (3:31)
C3. Imagination(3:41)
D1. Kill Or Cure(4:12)
D2. Broken Glass Park(4:39)
D3. Spirited Away(4:08)

Demon Records DEMREC354
181193E5/A // 181193E5/B
181193E5/C // 181193E5/D

Limited edition 180g separate grey and blue LPs with colour labels, with colour inner sleeve in a full colour gatefold picture sleeve.

release date
December 2018

Musicians on all tracks:
Jim Kerr Vocals
Charlie Burchill Guitars, Keyboards and Programming
Mel Gaynor Drums
Andy Gillespie Keyboards
Ged Grimes Bass Guitar
Gavin Goldberg / Andy Wright Programming and Keyboards
Backing Vocals listed on each track.

Album mastered by JP Chalbos at La Source Mastering, Paris

Art direction & design by Peacock.
Cover digital illustration by Daniel Reed.
Photography by Paul Cox.
Battersea photograph by Martin Smith.

Worldwide representation: Ian Grenfell at Quietus Management Ltd assisted by Elaine Gwyther.

Super thanks to Ian Grenfell.

Big thanks to Elaine Gwyther, Elyse Grenfell, Kit Cummings.

Simple Minds would like to thank the following for their advice and creativity: Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg, Steve Osborne, Steve Hillage.

Special thanks to Martin Hanlin.

Additional thanks to: Simon Hayward, Simon Cornwell, John Williams, Billy Sloan, All at Real World, Grouse Lodge, Sphere Studios.

Thanks from the heart to Simple Minds fans worldwide.

BIG MUSIC is dedicated to John Burchill and Irene Kerr.

To find out more about Simple Minds visit:

To buy Simple Minds albums, tour merchandise etc. visit the Official Simple Minds Shop at:

additional information
The artwork was based on the original LP. Some of the credits were missing from the original artwork - they'd been added to the graphic files but a different set were used - so they were restored for this pressing.