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all the things... a choice selection 1979-1986: information

  • All The Things... was a promotional only cassette release by Virgin Canada to promote the Canadian leg of the Once Upon A Time tour. It was intended as an introduction to Simple Minds and their music, its contents a sampling of the bandís work to date.

  • Its artwork and title was inspired by the All The Things She Said single which had been released a couple of months earlier.

  • It served as a handy introduction to Simple Minds' catalogue and included key tracks from all their previous albums. The cassette inlay featured full album track listings and catalogue numbers.

  • The track listing on the back of the cassette sleeve was incorrect: whilst it showed Donít You (Forget About Me) chronologically in its rightful place (between Sparkle In The Rain and Once Upon A Time tracks), the song actually closes the album.

all the things...: quick reference
MC       All The Things... Virgin SMALL 1
1-1. Chelsea Girl(4:33)
1-2. Premonition(5:29)
1-3. I Travel(3:56)
1-4. Love Song(5:03)
1-5. The American(3:49)
1-6. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall(4:48)
1-7. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)(4:38)
1-8. Promised You A Miracle(4:29)
1-9. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)(5:38)
1-10. Glittering Prize(4:33)
2-1. Up On The Catwalk(4:45)
2-2. Speed Your Love To Me(4:25)
2-3. Waterfront(4:49)
2-4. All The Things She Said(4:16)
2-5. Ghost Dancing(4:46)
2-6. Alive And Kicking(5:24)
2-7. Oh Jungleland(5:12)
2-8. I Wish You Were Here(4:42)
2-9. Sanctify Yourself(5:00)
2-10. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)

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