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new gold dream 2016 reissues

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    "A lot of talk about New Gold Dream thanks to the reissue packages. Thanks to all who are looking forward to owning, and to those who continually listen to and cherish the music on that album. The overall memory I have of making in New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) is one of happiness and positivity throughout the weeks of writing and recording - even the weather was great as I recall. A huge contribution to that was surely the involvement of drummer Mike Ogletree - who is one of the kindest/sweetest I have yet to meet. Never let it be downplayed as to how much Mike contributed to the shape of those tracks - he played his part and much more. Hope you are well Mike, never change!" - Jim, 25th July 2016

    "Peace and love to ye all. Thanks for sharing your comments and love for New Gold Dream and those of us privileged to have helped make it a dream that came and continues to come true for so many. Let me share a memory if I may. I remember the energy between Mick and I as a thing of Scottish wizardry. We were working in an old hay-barn, on a farm out in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Perthshire, Scotland. Usually into the wee small hours. Mick, squeezing glorious color filled sounds and arpeggios out of his Juno 8 while I punched and jammed the presets of the Roland CompuRhythm Drum Machine till we had the funkiest keyboard and drum machine groove possible for me to sit down and play real drums to. From these between-world-moments, night after night, jamming and grooving, grooving and jamming was to evolve the musical landscapes and the rhythms which became New Gold Dream. So many memories like this. So many stories to tell. We could write voluminous volumes." - Mike Ogletree


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