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don't you (forget about me) reissues: information

  • Appearing at the start of the 1980s, the A&M Memories imprint allowed artists to be promoted and featured during the less prolific parts of their career. Pressing up 7" singles featuring the artist's most popular tracks allowed the label to generate new interest and hopefully generate a few back catalogue sales.

  • As these releases appeared during an artist's downtime then dating is difficult. Also, the Memories discography was divorced from the mainstream singles with cataloguing starting at 8000 - so they didn't slot neatly into the mainstream chronology. However, there were enough releases in the Memories discography to be able to construct a rough timeline, and this single was probably issued in 1987 or 1988.

  • A&M's job was easy for Simple Minds' entry into the series. The compiler simply selected the band's two biggest Stateside hits - selecting Don't You (Forget About Me) for the A-side as it hit the top spot in the US and relegating Alive And Kicking to the flip. Everything else about the release was easy and bland: generic Memories label design and generic die-cut Memories sleeve.

  • A lone cassette single was also issued. It shared the same two tracks as the 7" and featured a different take on the A&M Memories artwork. The catalogue number had expanded with a '75021' prefix - indicating that it was issued several years after the 7". It's likely that this cassette single was issued in the early 1990s - either as a memory jogger of Simple Minds' past glories during the Real Life campaign or a reminder of the band during their 1993/1994 downtime.

  • The 7" was later reissued as part of the A&M Collector Series 45's. This was just a cynical repressing of the original Memories single in a different generic sleeve. Again, the catalogue suggested that it appeared during the early 1990s.

don't you...: quick reference
7"   Don't You (Forget About Me) A&M AM-8662
A1. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)
B1. Alive And Kicking(5:24)

MC    Don't You (Forget About Me) A&M 75021 8662 4
A1. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)
B1. Alive And Kicking(5:24)

7"   Don't You (Forget About Me) A&M 75021 8662 7
A1. Don't You (Forget About Me)(4:20)
B1. Alive And Kicking(5:24)

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