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different world []: information

  • Different World [TAORMINA.ME] took almost six months to formally appear; it was originally announced in April 2006 with the single being released the following November.

  • Conceived as a remix single to be released in Germany and Italy, Mousse T and So Phat! were first commissioned for remixes in April.

  • An extremely limited one track promo was released in May, but only featured the album version of the track. It was quickly snapped up by collectors and remains quite rare.

  • In July, further remixes were commissioned by Absolutely Records with The Beat Thiefs, DJ Moussa Clarke and Matteo ESSE & Sant reworking the title track.

  • By October, an in-house listening copy from Absolutely included DJ Moussa Clarke, Matteo ESSE & Sant, two mixes by Phunk Investigation, Scumfrog, The Beat Thiefs and Benny & Paolo Ursin.

  • At this point Absolutely Records were waiting for clearance from Sanctuary Records. The plan was to release two 12" singles and a CD.

  • The first 12" appeared in November, and included remixes by Scumfrog, Benny & P Ursin vs Phunk Investigation, DJ Moussa Clarke and Phunk Investigation. It was released in Italy, and distributed through various DJ outlets as an import.

  • After a wait of two months, a download release included the four remixes from the 12" plus four exclusive new remixes. These included the remixes from the listening copy plus the new Tali Freaks Remix.

  • In April 2007, the second 12" was issued. Many expected it to feature the remixes made available on download, but fans were surprised again: this 12" featured the two So Phat! remixes originally commissioned the year before. An ultra-rare two-track CD promo was also distributed.

  • Fabrique started work on a sleeve, wanting to create a brand new image (rather than one based on the album artwork or booklet). In the end, it was never really started.

different world: quick reference
12"    Different World 12" Single Absolutely ABR 102
A1. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][The Scumfrog Remix](8:00)
A2. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Benny & P. Ursin DJs vs Phunk Investigation Remix](6:47)
B1. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][DJ Moussa Clarke](6:54)
B2. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Phunk Investigation Magma Remix]


12"    Different World 12" Single Absolutely ABR 106
A1. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][So Phat! Club Mix](8:36)
AA1. Different World [TAORMINA.ME][So Phat!s Sonicblast Merged]


MP3    Different World Download Absolutely
1.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Tali Freaks Remix](6:43)
2.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Beat Thiefs Remix](6:50)
3.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][DJ Moussa Clarke Remix](6:54)
4.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Benny & P. Ursin DJs vs Phunk Investigation Remix](6:47)
5.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Matteo Esse & Sant Remix](7:40)
6.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Phunk Investigation Magma Remix](7:44)
7.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][The Scumfrog Remix](8:00)
8.     Different World [TAORMINA.ME][Phunk Investigation Odissey Remix](8:16)

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