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in the studio with redbeard

1. In The Studio With Jim Kerr Part One   (17:11)
2. In The Studio With Jim Kerr Part Two   (17:48)
3. In The Studio With Jim Kerr Part Three   (21:19)

DiscLive Network
001-12837-1 Redbeard Bonus C12110723

Picture CD in colour picture slip-sleeve.

release date
30th November 2012

A career professional radio broadcaster and rock musician interviewer for four decades, Redbeard is the producer/host of In The Studio (, the nationally syndicated rock star interview radio show heard each week in the US and Canada. Now in its twenty-fourth consecutive year, In The Studio is produced and syndicated by BeardedFISCH LLC.

Redbeard has been recognized many times both inside and outside the broadcast industry, including Billboard magazine Major Market Music Director of the Year (1992) award winner; industry trade publication Friday Morning Quarterback Music Director of The Decade 1980-1990 (1st runner-up); Dallas Observer 'Best of Dallas' winner in three successive decades, including 2007; and Redbeard solely represents both Dallas/Ft. Worth and Memphis in the permanent radio exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now, Redbeard has partnered with DiveLive Network to produce this special interview disc just for Simple Minds fans.The show is comprised of a vintage 1991 interview with Jim Kerr, and a brand new interview with him, done just for this package. Enjoy!

additional information
This CD was sent as a bonus for those who'd ordered the Special Edition Package of the live Australian recordings from DiscLive Network.

The three interview segments (which are roughly chronological) were edited together from two separate Redbeard interviews: one from 1991 to promote Real Life and the other, recorded in 2013, to promote Celebrate: The Greatest Hits + compilation. This leads to an odd emphasis on historical subjects e.g. the attention given to the writing of See The Lights and the band's former Bonnie Wee Studios.

Despite this, the interviews are extremely enjoyable, humourous and relaxed and Redbeard gets some new anecdotes and stories from Jim.