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being boiled by phunk investigation and vinjay featuring jim kerr: information

  • Being Boiled, the early industrial classic from The Human League, was a bonus track recorded by Simple Minds for the Neon Lights covers album in 2001.

  • In late 2019, a new remix of the song appeared from Phunk Investigation, two Scilian DJs who'd previously remixed many Simple Minds tracks in the early 2000s.

  • It sounded like they'd only used Jim's original vocals, replacing the rest of the song with a new underpinning beat and melody. In doing so, they removed the defining characteristics of the original.

  • The first MP3s appeared in October 2019 and included the Original Mix, the Original Hook Mix and the Hinca Mix. These were uploaded to Soundcloud under Phunk Investigations's account.

  • The option to further promote and distribute was taken by BluFin Records the following February. This release took the original three Phunk Investigation remixes and added a new remix by Francesco Ferraro.

    "BluFin Records welcome Phunk Investigation & Vinjay featuring the legendary vocalist of Simple Minds - Jim Kerr, for their latest bold offering in the form of Being Boiled. The big original comes with remixes from Hinca and Francesco Ferraro."

    "In original form this is a big and and colourful wedge of sparkly disco with loose and jangling drums and colourful melodies. Smeared synths add colour and the vocals are delivered in deadpan style up top. After a catchy Original Hook mix, there is a darker and harder hitting Hinca Remix that is for late night hours, and finally Francesco Ferrar goes for a dubbed out and low slung house remix that is all about getting you in the groove."

  • A single, chilled out remix followed in April. This Red Joint Remix appeared in Phunk Investigation's Soundcloud stream but was not digitally packaged with any other releases.

  • The final activity took place in June when Phunk Investigation and BluFin Records both released digital EPs of a further three remixes: the Lutzenhouse Ibiza Super Dub, Chris Maico Schmidt Remix and Lutenhouse Remix.

  • The Spotify releases followed the same pattern as the two main remix EPs and the lone Red Join remix. Oddly some of the remix names were slightly different and some have been used here as they're more descriptive e.g. Original Peter Hook Mix instead of Original Hook Mix. Also, the Red Joint remix released on Spotify was a longer, exclusive version.

  • No physical formats have surfaced.

being boiled: phunk investigation ep:
MP3  Being Boiled -
1.   Being Boiled[Radio Edit / Original Mix](4:30)
2. Being Boiled[Original Peter Hook Mix](4:30)
3. Being Boiled[Hinca Mix](5:42)

being boiled: blufin ep:
MP3  Being Boiled BluFin Records BF 290
1.   Being Boiled[Radio Edit / Original Mix](4:30)
2. Being Boiled[Original Peter Hook Mix](4:30)
3. Being Boiled[Hinca Mix](5:42)
4. Being Boiled[Francesco Ferraro Remix]  (6:46)

being boiled: phunk investigation:
MP3  Being Boiled -
1.   Being Boiled[Red Joint Remix Edit](2:12)
2.   Being Boiled[Red Joint Remix](5:42)

being boiled: phunk investigation remix ep:
MP3  Being Boiled -
1.   Being Boiled[Lutzenhouse Ibiza Super Dub]  (6:12)
2. Being Boiled[Lutzenhouse Remix](6:45)
3. Being Boiled[Chris Maico Schmidt Remix](7:10)

being boiled: blufin remix ep:
MP3  Being Boiled BluFin Records BF 290R
1.   Being Boiled[Lutzenhouse Ibiza Super Dub](6:12)
2. Being Boiled[Chris Maico Schmidt Remix](7:10)
3. Being Boiled[Lutenhouse Remix](6:45)

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