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Music: -
Lyrics: Jim Kerr


"A postcard written to a long lost friend, recalling innocent days and a character that knew only fearless dreams. No ambition was ever too big and no adventure too scary for this friend. The lyrics track back to a particular late night conversation in a Times Square Cafť, where our pledges were made, as were vows that to this day I have never forgotten." - Jim

There are several subtle differences between the lyrics published in the CD booklet and those sang on the track.

The song Lostboy seems to be like a memory but also like talking with yourself reminding you what you dreamed of back then?
Well, I think as you get old you start to question things. I used to hitchhike roads in Germany, I could do it again. Could you? So this is the thing. But certainly in a musical sense I pulled this bag, I did it! And itís a tangible thing now. Iím sitting here talking about it. Itís coming out. Itís gonna be played live. Thereís no denying it. Itís another thing Iíve created from myself. So, all of that is encouraging.

Which of these dreams could you realize?
Well, thereís so many. Actually, that [song] is centred in New York, on our first trip to New York with Simple Minds and also my brother was with me. Weíve had never been out of Europe and we were in New York and YES! Itís magic! You canít sleep at three in the morning. Letís go to the cafť on the corner. And, you know, probably we were "Yeah, this is the way itís gonna be!" And a lot of it did. We ended up conquering that and playing and having these lives that we... I think we didnít have one solid objective but we knew there was a lot of great stuff out there to touch. Because we were there touching it. It wasnít a movie! And the song is going back to that conversation in the bar at night at three in the morning. One of the boys, Iíve no longer in touch with, Iíve really miss him and itís a living postcard from that time.

Jim, Lostboy! Generic Interview

Lost boy, lost boy.
Lost boy, lost boy.

There were times, there were places,
Always I'd believe you, never I'd deceive you.
With your eyes and your face, yes.

Never understand you with all those crazy plans,
You lost boy, lost boy.
You'd never try to please with all that energy,
Lost boy, lost boy.

It was night, there was spaces,
Never once believed you.
But never'd I deceive you.
You eyes, all those faces.

Blinded by the light years, its been so long since we were there,
Lost boy, lost boy.
Remember back in times so heads full of dreams and not one care,
Lost boy, lost boy.

Oh, Swing back to where we'd be.
Oh, I look down, I see you and I see me.

Lost boy, lost boy.
Nothing here could phase you, I heard you moved to Asia.
Lost boy, lost boy.
The one thing that could tempt you, was just like heaven sent you.
Lost boy, lost boy.
And every generation flowers and imagination.
Lost boy, lost boy.
Well I'm going back to music, watch me go out and prove it.
Lost boy, lost boy.
Never tried to tempt you.
Lost boy, lost boy.

Radio Edit (3:32)
Produced, arranged and mixed by: Jez Coad
Backing tracks engineered by: Tom Dalgety

Lostboy! Promo CD

Album Version (3:52)
Produced, arranged and mixed by: Jez Coad
Backing tracks engineered by: Tom Dalgety

Lostboy Promo CD Lostboy LP Lostboy CD Lostboy Limited Edition CD Lostboy Collectors Edition Lostboy Russian CD

Album Version (3:52)
Produced, arranged and mixed by: Jez Coad
Backing tracks engineered by: Tom Dalgety

Lostboy! MP3

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Lostboy! AKA Promo Tour: 2010