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the return of the lostboy!: information

  • The second Lostboy! album, The Return Of The Lostboy! was first mentioned by Jim during the post-production work on Lostboy! in February 2010. After a particularly fertile writting sesson with Paul Statham, Jim mentioned co-writing two tracks called Song X and A Revolver!.

  • Upon completion of Lostboy! late in February, Jim made tenative plans to start recording The Return Of The Lostboy! initially in October 2010, before tendering for new song ideas from his songwriting team for June 2010.

  • By the end of February, the plans had solidified: a more extensive Lostboy! tour was pencilled in for the last half of 2010, with The Return Of The Lostboy! being recorded in the winter for a spring 2011 release, followed by a six month tour, and then work would start in earnest on Simple Minds' next album.

  • The volcanic eruption of April temporarily stranded Jim in mainland Europe. With the promotion of the first album on hold, Jim worked on new songs, including Sleepless Nights, a song written by Dante and Jools Gizzi (formerly from GUN).

  • Even during the rehearsals for the promotional tour, Jim was mentioning new song titles including Spirit Catcher, Girl Frozen In Time and Broken Glass Park. And as soon as the tour was completed, Jim was in a studio near Oxford Street demoing Summer and Sense Of Discovery.

  • And as Simple Minds' Festival Tour started, Jim was working on new Lostboy! AKA material mentioning a song called Gods Are Everywhere.

  • "Although the debut album has only been released one month ago, the recordings for the second album from Lostboy! AKA are set to take place over the next few months. Demos for the new songs are already coming together and studio time is now booked for late summer prior to the end of year tour." - Jim, 23rd June 2010

  • "A break from touring Simple Minds meant that I could engage in writing for Lostboy! AKA over these last few days. Jez Coad supplied three new pieces of music that I now have written lyrics to: Kid Is A Timebomb, Love Is A Four Letter Word and Animal Life." - Jim, 3rd July 2010

  • Bassist Ged Grimes also contributed some ideas, one of which became Wallflower.

  • "Equinox today - summer is over. Means that from today I turn pretty much back to Lostboy! for the next couple of months or so, including live dates, new song writing, and the the start of recording the Lostboy! AKA second album. Listening right now to a new Lostboy! song written with Jez Coad [called] Vicious White Kids and it's a beauty!" - Jim, 23rd September 2010

  • "Looking forward to working with Jez Coad on Monday. Will be putting vocals on on five new Lostboy! AKA songs including Go!, Vicious White Kids, Superstitious, Sin So Sweet and Kid Is A Timebomb" - Jim, 26th September 2010

  • By September, it had become clear that Broken Glass Park had switched allegiance and was now a Simple Minds track. Jim was now working on Simple Minds by day and tracks for the second Lostboy! AKA album by night.

  • "Will spend next couple of days working in Glasgow with musician/writer Iain Cook. Iain will join the writing team along Jez Coad, Owen Parker, Paul Statham, Simon Hayward, Stephen Reid - all have so far contributed melodies to the Lostboy! AKA project! Particularly looking forward to working more on a new song that comes from Iain. Titled Jerusalem it is a magical piece!" - Jim, 3rd October

  • "Last day Glasgow and plenty of sunshine throughout. The changing colours of the leaves include everything from green to gold, purple, reds and burgundy has made the walks through Linn Park spectacular. Highlights however have been the new songs that have come together since being here. Yesterday I demoed Champagne Moon and Everybody V Mother Nature. I expect to demo another two brand new songs this evening!" - Jim, 6th October

  • The first track to be officially released was Simon Hayward's Electro remix of the demo Kill Or Cure? which was given away through the official site on the 6th October.

  • "Two more demoed and how prolific it's all been. First time I worked with Iain Cook, delighted with results. A serious talent and a real pleasure to work with him. More to come for sure. The two songs demoed tonight were Honest Town and Jerusalem - both gave of that "hairs standing on the back of the neck" sensation... with the latter having a strong Sons And Fascination vibe. Honest Town simply made my eyes go misty!" - Jim, 7th October

  • "I had hoped to be getting on with new material prior to beginning rehearsals etc. for the Lostboy! AKA Electroset tour. Things have gone so much better than expected however. Ten songs demoed and another two written on top of that. Twelve new songs in twelve days is some sort of record for me. Credit to those supplying me with the inspirational music. Lostboy! AKA 2 is shaping up to be a cracker!" - Jim, 10th October

  • "4 Letter Word is the title of the new song I am currently working on. Music is by Armando "Dino" Maggiorana and we worked together previously on the Cry album. Dino co-wrote the title track, plus New Sunshine Morning - the latter is a particular favourite of mine. 4 Letter Word is shaping up rather special, could be on to something great!" Jim, 27th October

  • "Working on a new song called Lucifer... it's a devilish little thing!" - Jim, 10th March 2011

  • By September during a lull between tours, Jim wrote about working with Andy Gillespie on the latest batch of ideas; and mentioned another song called Made From Rock And Rain.

  • Work on the follow-up album was postponed when Jim's mother became ill. When work resumed, it was for Simple Minds with new recording and touring committments. Broken Glass Park and Blood Diamonds were recorded as Simple Minds' tracks and released on Celebrate: The Greatest Hits+ whilst Honest Town and Spirited Away were recorded for Big Music.

  • This left Animal Life, Believer, Champagne Moon, Everybody Vs Mother Nature, Go!, Gods Are Everywhere, Girl Frozen In Time, Jerusalem, Kid Is A Timebomb, Lucifer, Love Is A Four Letter Word, Lay Lady Lay (cover), Made From Rock And Rain, Summer, Superstitious, Spirit Catcher, Sleepness Nights, Sense Of Discovery, Sin So Sweet, Song X, The Night (cover), Vicious White Kids, Wallflower and Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (cover).

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