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kill or cure? (welcome gift 2): information

  • "It's October and on the 18th the Lostboy! AKA Electroset Tour will begin in Ghent, Belgium. As a thanks to all who are coming, and all who have supported me so far, I will be making available a free download of a brand new and original Lostboy! AKA track" - Jim, 2nd October.

  • This version of Kill Or Cure? was the demo. It was given an electroset remix by Simon Hayward.

  • "I first met musician/composer/producer Paul Statham when executive producer Martin Hanlin suggested that we should hook up with a view to working together on ideas for my then newly planned solo project LOSTBOY! A.K.A."

  • "Setting off on that chilly morning from London's Victoria Station, I had no idea how productive the relationship would turn out to be. Although I do recall that on entering Paul's workplace and casting my eyes around both his music and book collections, I had the instant feeling that we were were very much on the same wavelength. This more than turned out to be the case and over two consecutive mornings we produced four demo recordings."

  • "This Simon Hayward remixed version of Kill Or Cure? comes originally from those sessions back in Feb'09, I do hope you like it and I look forward to performing this song on the upcoming Lostboy! AKA Electroset Tour."

  • "Thanks for your all your support. It is appreciated!" - Jim, October 2010

kill or cure?: quick reference
1.     Kill Or Cure?[Simon Hayward Remix](4:49)

release date
7th October 2010

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