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book of brilliant things by loudery: information

Loudery, Derek Forbes & Mick MacNeil
Nang Records - NANG100 Release Date: 01 Apr 2013

It just seems like yesterday when we released our first Nang record with the following statement: "Early 2009, great time to start a record label; we're doing it for love, thatís for sure." Four years later and here we are. NANG100. We definitely arenít doing it for the silver, because running a money-losing record label is the sweetest of labours. As for the "love" we have that in bucketfuls. We have been blessed to release a slew of amazing music and have worked with a parade of astounding friends, heroes, legends, villains, amazers & troubadors. We still canít believe we got this far. Just check the names listed in the Nang 100 Parade of honor below.

For the 100th release we have come up with possibly the most bonkers of an idea since we started: Take the coolest Simple Minds song, two (ex) members of Simple Minds, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and plenty of Nang flavour. Label head honcho Loudery evokes the "double O privilege" card for the to lead the players in a cover version of Book Of Brilliant Things from 1984.

The original version is a melting pot of splendiferous ingredients. Prague Orchestral strings, Chic bass grooves, analogue keys, plucky guitars and the vocals of soul princess Tahamene Park. She moulds the head-on Jim Kerr vocal lines into a slick, sultry, laidback treat. As with past Loudery releases the big orchestral break down is there, this time taking inspiration from the Live In THe City Of Light Simple Minds version. The release features vocal and instrumental versions.

Highlight of the package are the collaborations with Mick MacNeil (keyboard player and former musical beating heart of the Minds) and Derek Forbes ("Scotland's Favorite Bass player" and composer of a generation of awe inspiring basslines such as The American, Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel and Promised You A Miracle). It is not often that legends say yes, but we are so thankful that Mick and Derek did. Simple Minds from 79 to 84 were incredibly influential to electronic music fans. A fact not lost on Simple Minds themselves who just toured their 5x5 show made entirely from their pre-stadium-rock song catalogue.

Our track comes from the tail end of that period. You can find the "full" version on the 1984 Sparkle In The Rain album, but if you search the Internet hard enough you may find the original TB303-originating demo bootleg version of The Book. We did, and we loved it so much we just had to a secondary cover version. "Wan" (as in Glasgae, that's the "wan") has it all. Great Cities synth pads from the man Mick himself, Sare Havlicek twiddling the TB303 knobs, orchestras, a parade of analogue Rolands, a tinkling CP80 electric piano and to top it all off Derek slapping out the (previously unheard) groover of a bassline. For those vinyl dance floor moments the Wan Dub strips it all back to its core 606 drums, bass and TB303.

New Nang cosmonaut recruit James Bright takes his shot at the remix in the package and goes for bags of synthy swing. More big dancefloor grooves. To round the package off we finish with the Piano Orchapella perfect for the Scottish wedding march moments. Just as you would expect, it is full of the splendour and power of 30 beating Czech hearts with their violins and Mick MacNeil on the ivories.

As for Nang, its onwards and forwards. We have albums and singles scheduled approaching to NANG150 and donít bet against the 200Ö See you soon.

1. Book Of Brilliant Things
2. Book Of Brilliant Things [Wan Remix]
3. Book Of Brilliant Things [James Bright Remix]
4. Book Of Brilliant Things [Wan Dub]
5. Book Of Brilliant Things [Instrumental]
6. Book Of Brilliant Things [The Piano Orchapella]

Nang Records Press Release
March 2013

  • Derek and Mick were only featured on the Wan Remix, Wan Dub and Piano Orchapella versions.

  • Derek used a bassline which originally appeared in the "demo" version of the song (which had been leaked many years previously).

  • Only three tracks were available on the 12" whilst five were distributed via iTunes. The Piano Orchapella was not released commercially.

  • Original promo releases and on-line advertisements showed the 12" sleeve with a die-cut sleeve. The final version was housed in an uncut sleeve:

  • A promotional CD was also distributed which included all the tracks plus the rare Piano Orchapella.

book of brilliant things: quick reference
12"       Book Of Brilliant Things Nang Records NANG100
A1.     Book Of Brilliant Things     (5:55)
A2.Book Of Brilliant Things[James Bright Remix]      (5:10)
B1.Book Of Brilliant Things[Wan Dub]      (6:48)

MP3       Book Of Brilliant Things Nang Records
1.Book Of Brilliant Things     (5:55)
2.Book Of Brilliant Things[Wan Remix]      (7:17)
3.Book Of Brilliant Things[James Bright Remix]      (5:10)
4.Book Of Brilliant Things[Wan Dub]      (6:48)
5.Book Of Brilliant Things[Instrumental]      (5:55)

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