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the real life by corporation of one: information

  • Corporation Of One was US based DJ Freddy Bastone.

  • In 1988, he took Theme For Great Cities and sampled "This is the real life" from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to create a track called The Real Life. (This was three years before Simple Minds' released an album called Real Life.)

  • It was originally released by Smokin', a sub-label of Tuff City Records in New York.

  • A smash club hit, it was picked up by Desire Records in the UK and released on three formats.

  • The Original Mix was closest to Theme For Great Cities. The House Mix moved things on with a slightly different melody line and some limited male vocals. The Dub mixes were instrumental versions of the House Mix.

  • Desire Records issued the records in both picture and card sleeves.

  • Despite being well known in the clubs, the record failed to chart.

  • Smokin' issued another 12" in 1989. The House Mix Vocal, based on the House Mix, added a rap by Mystique, additional male vocals, Sandman samples and extra synth melodies. The record was titled Corporation Of One with Mystique.

  • The House Mix International was simply an instrumental version of the House Mix Vocal whilst the dubs were all reworkings of the original House Mix - in fact, Part Two and Part Three were simply the Dub and Rub-A-Dub mixes.

  • In 2001, Dave Lee remixed the Original Mix and issued it under his own Raven Maize moniker.

the real life: quick reference
7" The Real Life Desire WANT 16
A1. The Real Life[Edit](3:45)
B1. The Prayer[Edit](4:35)

12" The Real Life Desire WANTX 16
A1. The Real Life[Original Mix](5:55)
B1. The Prayer(4:50)

12" The Real Life Desire WANTXR 16
A1. The Real Life[House Mix](5:53)
A2. The Real Life[Original Mix Fade](4:02)
B1. The Real Life[Dub Mix](5:40)
B2. The Real Life[Rub-A-Dub Mix](3:50)

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